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Why Do Garage Door Springs Fail?

Why Are Garage Door Springs The First To Break? 

One of the most essential elements of your overhead operating system are the garage door springs. Have you ever thought about what it takes to lift your garage door every time on command? The brunt of heavy lifting is the main role for garage door springs! 

Garage door automation is wildly convenient, so it becomes a background player until something goes awry with operation. Once that convenience is taken away, you’re ultimately left with a massive door that weighs a ton. Many people wonder why their garage doors stop working, and while broken garage door springs are our #1 garage door repair in Baytown, TX, this is not because garage door springs are inherently weak. 

So why does it seem that garage door springs are the first to break? Learn everything you need to know about garage door springs from this article and how you can lengthen their lifespan, all while understanding what makes them tick. Henderson Garage Door Services is here for local and prompt garage door spring repair in Baytown, TX

Garage Door Springs Rightfully Earn The Operation’s Starring Role

Garage doors endure the elements, and move multiple times in a day. It is a simple contraption, but it needs to work thousands of times without failure. 

The starring role of your overhead door operation is the garage door springs. Lifting and closing your garage door for 10,000 cycles, or the springs’ projected lifespan, is no easy feat! These vital components reduce the gravitational pull on the door, allowing the motor and you to move it. Over time and with frequent usage, the garage door spring’s coils elongate and otherwise wear themselves out. If the springs are damaged, the garage door cannot open or close correctly.

Major Types of Garage Door Springs

There are three basic types of garage door springs: extension, torsion, and TorqueMaster. 

Extension Springs

Extension springs are commonly found on older, more economical garage doors. You can tell if you have these because they run parallel to your garage door tracks. These will stretch when the door is lowered and contract when it is raised.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are used on many modern garage doors. These coil around a shaft and tighten as the door is dropped, then release energy as the door is raised back up. You can tell you have torsion springs if you see a horizontal bar attached to the wall. 

TorqueMaster Springs

TorqueMaster springs are a registered brand from Wayne Dalton, and they are an advanced version of the torsion spring. TorqueMaster springs are enclosed in a tube and have a centralized spring. These are harder to tell visually when they’re reaching the end of their lifespan, but if your overhead door operation starts acting abnormally, this is your sign you need garage door spring repair.

Did Your Garage Door Springs Just Fail?

Crooked openings, jerking motions, and a loud bang are all major signs that you have a broken garage door spring on your hands. Don’t wait for your broken garage door springs to fix themselves, call Henderson Garage Door Services right away!

Blame The Weather 

Fluctuating weather affects the quality of your garage door springs. Cold weather causes springs to contract and become more brittle. Repeated exposure to hot and cold weather alters the tension in the springs, which could cause damage.

Another major issue that comes up is condensation. The constant flow of hot and cold air can create condensation which results in rust.

Extending The Life Of Your Springs

You can’t really extend the life cycle of your garage door springs, unless they are the torsion type. Apply garage door-specific lubricant to your torsion springs, and this will cease major grinding or squeaking. Also, try adding lubricant to the pulleys, hinges, and rollers. If this does not fix the issue, our garage door repair company can help.

Keep Your Safety In Check At All Times

You should never attempt to maintain or repair your garage door springs on your own, especially if they are near the end of their life cycle. It is best to consult with our garage door experts to explore your options when it comes to taking care of your garage door and its components.

Near the end of their life cycle, garage door springs are more prone to snap or break apart. The springs are under so much tension that if this happens, they can cause physical harm to you and damage your property. Homeowners often mistake an issue with the springs for the cables because when a spring breaks, the cables become unwound. Check to make sure your safety cables are present and in good shape, which should prevent any damage.

Call Henderson Garage Door Services For Broken Garage Door Spring Repair!

Henderson Garage Door Services is here to promptly restore your garage door springs! In one call, safely resolve all of your garage door problems, and ask for any of our garage door repair services in Baytown, TX and the Greater Houston area.

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