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High-Speed Doors Offer:

– Ultra durability 
– Heavy-duty operation
– Swift closure door systems
– Reliable design
– Self-sustaining structure

Need A Higher Level of Performance?

Not to be punny, but let’s face it– garage doors don’t scream high-speed. But what if we showed you what we’re working with? You may not desire high-speed doors for your home, but many commercial properties require a heightened level of speed to ensure that the quality of their products doesn’t suffer from outside elements. 

At Henderson Garage Door Services, we can help take your business to the next level with high-speed doors. Our partnership with Jamison Door Company proves to be successful for a wide range of businesses and environments.

Overhead doors are designed for high-cycle performance, and high-speed doors are also known as fast-cycle garage doors. Many businesses operate on rapid response door technology and so much more of what Jamison Door specializes in for their quality-tested fabric and steel roll-up doors. 

High-Speed Jamison Door Products

Their patented features include self-repairing coils and curtain repositioning after accidents or leaks, which are a great fit for a range of environments. Depending on if you need precise temperatures for storing food, their patented dual ventilation system maintains consistent internal temperatures. See below for their list of high-speed door products: 

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Jamison Door high speed doors
ThermicRoll Low / Oval Headroom
ThermicRoll Low / Oval Headroom
  • ThermicRoll Low/Oval Headroom
  • ThermicRoll Standard Headroom (counterweighted door, no springs, and patented CNC system)
  • DynamicRoll® Cleanroom 
  • Pack (ideal for larger openings)
  • DynamicRoll® (soft bottom and patented self-repairing high-speed door)
  • DynamicRoll® Stainless
  • DynamicRoll® P.E. (polyethylene)
  • DynamicRoll® Frigo 1 (insulated and refrigerated fabric roll-up door)
  • DynamicRoll® Frigo 1 AIR (advanced refrigerator version)
  • DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 (freezer doors with frost-free curtains)
  • DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 AIR (advanced freezer door version)
  • DynamicRoll® DynaSeal
DynamicRoll® DynaSeal
DynamicRoll® DynaSeal

Amazing, Exclusive Features on Jamison Door Products

Loading dock equipment

  • Self-repairing for maximum functionality
  • Soft bottom edge for its speed and tight seal
  • Wind load tested
  • Simple modular design for fast and easy installation

We exclusively work with Jamison Door for high-speed door products. For a self-repairing, soft bottom edge, ask us about Jamison Door’s DynamicRoll® and ThermicRoll products and how they’ll best suit your commercial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are other types of commercial overhead doors you can install?

Commercial applications typically require massive moving doors, and depending on your commercial property, they can amount to ten times higher than the average garage door. Check out our Rolling Steel Doors and Rolling Sheet Doors page for more information on our varieties of door types that will match the style and environment of your business.

Can you repair my damaged high-speed door?

Yes, we offer commercial door repair for all types of commercial overhead doors. One of the best advantages of high-speed doors from Jamison Door is their patented self-repair feature. On all of their DynamicRoll® products, the system will automatically reset the curtain back into the guide on the next open or close cycle. Contact us if your high-speed door is severely damaged.

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