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You Can’t Go Wrong With A Chain Drive Garage Door Opener in Houston, TX!

If you’re looking for a base-line powerhouse, we highly recommend a chain drive garage door opener. They are the most common opener type and also happen to be the most affordable option on the market.

A chain drive garage door opener operates by pulling the garage door on a metal chain to open and close it. Here are some other great features that newer chain-drive opener models have:

  • Pre-Programmed Remote
  • WiFi Compatibility
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • LED lighting
  • Battery Backup
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When it comes to a familiar product, reliable performance, and lesser maintenance, all at an affordable price, you see you can’t go wrong with a chain drive garage door opener! However, there are some problems associated with using a chain; their ‘downfalls’ can also be looked at as a good thing! However, do be aware of some of the criticisms they tend to feature:

Lots of Metal Parts

Metal on metal tends to cause a racket! Chain drive garage door openers get a bad rep for being the noisiest option and can be rougher on moving parts. However, it can be comforting to hear whenever your garage door is opening or closing to signify who is coming or going. 

Broken Sprockets and Stripped Gears 

Due to its simple construction and where they get the name “chain,” these common opener types utilize a system similar to the chain that you see on a bicycle. 

The moving chain pulls on the trolley or the rail that connects the garage door to the garage door opener. The opener causes a few gears to turn a sprocket so the chain can run. Sprockets are what carry the stress of the garage door weight and will eventually wear down over time with frequent and extended use.

System Adjustments

Like all operating systems, chain drive openers will eventually need system adjustments, but this only needs to be done once or twice in the opener’s lifetime. Thanks to its simple technology, chain drive garage door openers are universal to service professionals and inexpensive to maintain. If you regularly follow through with garage door maintenance, your opener should stay in good shape and last a long time.

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81650- ½ Horsepower AC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
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Genie Chain Drive Garage Door Opener 500- Model 1035

What is an AC motor type?

An AC motor type is an alternating current drive for the motor to function. An AC motor is a common power style for chain drive openers because they are made up of simple technology and produce a great amount of power. In contrast to newer, more expensive DC motor types, AC motors are suitable for all garage doors and commercial doors needing a reliable opener at an affordable price.

The benefits of AC garage door openers include:

– High durability
– Low maintenance requirements
– Moderate prices
– High power output

Are direct drive openers better than chain drive garage door openers?

The biggest difference between direct drive openers and chain drive garage door openers is the quiet operation that direct drive openers possess. They can either operate on a belt or a chain, but direct drive openers utilize a stationary chain while the motor moves along it. Chain drive openers tend to be noisier due to the moving chain (and increased vibrations) the motor needs to run.

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If you’re looking for the best affordability, a chain drive opener will be the best option for you. Our professionals will help you choose the right chain drive opener model based on your preferences. Schedule a garage door opener installation appointment with Henderson Garage Door Services today!

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