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Explore Smart Garage Door Opener Options With Henderson!

Over our 50+ years in the garage door industry, we’ve seen and installed every new advancement regarding smart garage door openers. When you’re ready to explore the technology and the safety and security advantages that smart openers have to offer, choose Henderson Garage Door Services to help you choose one with the most tech for your buck. 

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What’s So Great About Smart Openers?

Garage doors used to receive signals through radio waves. Now garage door openers can connect to wireless communication methods such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There are a grand variety of automation and security options that smart openers supply for both residential and commercial properties in the Greater Houston area.

Altogether, smart garage door openers offer the following advantages for your home or business:

-Automatic Locks and Video Monitoring
– Smartphone and Smart Opener Control from Anywhere
– Easy Installation
– Self-Repairing Features for Commercial Operators
– Integration with Smart Devices for Voice Control
– Scheduling Abilities For Garage Door Opening and Closing Cycles

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How Much Are The Smart Openers That You Offer in Houston, TX?

Smart garage door openers range from $300-$700 depending on the type of opener, features, and any add-ons for your opener. We’re able to inform you of the best smart openers available, and how you can upgrade your existing opener.

The Best Smart Openers On The Market

We work with LiftMaster, Marantec, and Genie for a great selection to both our residential and commercial customers looking for the best smart openers on the market. We love recommending these industry leading brands because of their advanced options, lifetime limited warranties, and product guarantees. Also check out our Wall Mount Openers page for alternative placement options and other advanced opener features.

Why Is My New Smart Garage Door Opener Malfunctioning?

If your smart opener malfunctions, or breaks down while it’s still under warranty, contact the manufacturer immediately and they’ll send a replacement. You can request Henderson Garage Door Services to install your new smart opener for you. 

One of the greatest features that have made smart garage door openers ultra popular are the supreme array of security and technology advancements. Through automatic locks and video monitoring, smart openers introduce a whole new convenience that you can leave your home without the fear that your garage door was left wide open to the public. You’re able to maintain your privacy, and simply close your garage door from anywhere, anytime you open the designated smartphone app connected to your smart opener.  

Voice Integration

Thanks to the integration of voice control technologies like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, smart garage door openers allow you to operate your overhead door with voice commands. Even if you’re not present at your home or office, you can simply say, “Alexa, open my garage door” or “Hey Google, close my garage door at 10 pm tonight” wherever you are! 

Schedule Your Open/Close Cycles

With the ability to schedule when the garage opens and closes, you can still receive a late Amazon package while you’re stuck at work or away on vacation. Ask us which smart garage door opener has your favorite security feature, and we can provide prompt garage door opener installation!

Garage door openers have come a long way since John Henderson opened his doors in 1989! At Henderson Garage Door Services, we’re ready to supply you with the best options for smart openers. Contact us to learn more about how smart garage door openers can upgrade the security and convenience of your home!

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