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A Wall Mount Openers’ Specialty

Wall mount garage door openers are a unique design which invite the opportunity to own a double wide wood garage door, a custom high-lift door, or a heavy-duty commercial door due to their strength and alternative capabilities. Not to mention, wall mount openers require little maintenance long after installation! 

Upon learning all the advantages, benefits, and specialties that these alternative garage door openers have to offer, your only remaining question will be “When should I schedule my new wall mount opener installation?”

wall mount openers

Even More Security Features

Wall mount openers have many advantages, and high tech security is a major component! 

wall mount openers

You Can Mount It: Alternative Garage Door Openers

Also known as a jackshaft system, wall mounted garage door openers are proven to be much stronger openers than its counterparts. ‘Jackshaft’ in its essence, is a short length of transmitting motive power to a machine. The only caveat to a wall mount opener is that you must have an outlet next to it. They operate directly with the garage door springs, and open and close a heavier insulated commercial door or real wood door with ease!

Request a wall mount opener for any of the following commercial or industrial door types:

Rolling Steel Door
Rolling Sheet Door
– Rolling Grille Door
Hurricane-Rated Door
– Insulated Commercial Door
– Commercial Fire-Rated Door
– Shutter Counter Doors
– And More!

commercial wall mount openers

Invest in a wall mount opener for years of smooth and durable operation. You can’t go wrong with more horsepower, more storage space, a sleek design, and less maintenance. With so many great pros, where do we sign?

Read up on our essential garage door opener repair service, and what to know about our garage door opener installation. Signing up for a new wall mount opener will grant you product guarantees like limited lifetime warranties, and nothing short of the best from our family-owned Henderson Garage Door Services. Ask our opener installation experts about the jackshaft drive and other opener styles you might be interested in!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my garage door compatible with a wall mount opener?

A wall mount garage door opener is compatible with most residential and commercial doors. Garage owners seek out wall mounted openers if they prefer more overhead room, need extra lifting power, or require extra space for a high-lift garage door track or other configuration. 

 Why does my garage door shake during operation?

If you want a quiet garage door, we recommend upgrading your garage door opener to a wall mount model. There are also direct drive and belt drive options as well. We can help you select an insulated garage door that has reduced vibrations, and assist with loose or grinding parts. All of this will not only give you an ultra-quiet garage door system, but a long lasting one.

Will I save money on a wall mount opener?

Yes! Investing in a new wall mount opener will save you money in the long run. You won’t need to worry about extra maintenance costs like other garage door opener types.

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