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Belt Drive Garage Door Openers: The Cure For Noisy Doors

Want to know the secret to your noisy operating garage door? Instead of operating on a metal chain, a belt drive garage door opener uses a rubber belt. The change-up in material results in little to no vibration (a.k.a), a much quieter option. 

For the quietest, long-term function, we recommend belt drive garage door openers. Experience the night and day difference of a belt drive garage door opener: 

  • Ultra-Silent Operation
  • Soft Start/Stop Mechanism
  • Smart Control Panel Included
  • A Strong But Quiet DC motor

Marantec’s Synergy 380 Ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener 
Marantec’s Synergy 380 Ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener 
– accommodate doors up to 14’ tall
LiftMaster 87504 Ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener 
LiftMaster 87504 Ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener 
– myQ signature features

The Best Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

At Henderson Garage Door Services, we love working with LiftMaster, Marantec, and Genie, which are all industry leaders who produce high-quality garage door openers that are durable, long-lasting, and full of convenient features and accessories. Both of Marantec’s featured openers are exclusively belt-driven (Synergy 200 and Synergy 300 models). For the best warranties possible, you can’t go wrong with your new opener installation from our favorite brands.

Curious about the other opener types? Learn more about smart openers, wall mount openers, chain drive openers, and our other garage door openers, or request an appointment with our system experts if you’re wondering which opener is right for you.

Which is the best garage door opener type for my detached garage?

Belt drive openers are perfectly suited for homeowners who require a quiet operation, especially if your young ones are sensitive to sound or a bedroom is next to or above an attached garage. If you need heightened durability for your detached garage, many updated commercial operators favor belt drive types. If sound is not a desired preference, then a chain drive garage door opener would be perfect for a detached garage.

What is a DC motor type?

A DC motor type stands for a ‘direct current’ styled motor. Openers with a DC motor are typically more expensive due to their newer, improved technology, near-silent operation, and soft start feature. The alternative is an AC motor type, or alternating current motor type, which is more powerful and an older, simpler technology.  

What are the other opener types? 

The garage door opener types are primarily belt drive, chain drive, screw drive, and jackshaft openers, also known as wall mount openers. You can learn more about each opener type and ask one of our experts which garage door opener is best for your home or business.

Belt drive garage door openers have become a crowd favorite, and we love helping our customers choose the best model for their residential or commercial door. Upgrade your existing opener with a new belt drive that causes fewer vibrations and extends the life of your parts. 

When you schedule an appointment with Henderson Garage Door Services, we’ll make sure you can’t go wrong with any type of garage door opener. If it comes down to preference and what you are willing to spend, choose the extra durability, strength, and concern for noise in a belt drive opener. Schedule your new garage door opener installation with us today!

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