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Your #1 Source of Commercial Loading Dock Equipment Near Houston, TX

Properly installed, durable loading dock equipment can make or break a business, especially one that requires a constant flow of goods. Warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and even schools utilize loading docks to easily access and transport materials. Henderson Garage Door Services offers commercial loading dock equipment installation services to keep your business running efficiently. 

Benefits of Quality Loading Dock Equipment

Loading docks increase productivity by cutting down on transition times between moving goods from a truck to the dock. With easier handling, enhanced safety, and a reduced risk of material damage, employees can streamline the loading and unloading process, increasing your company’s efficiency and profitability.

  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers
  • Mechanical Dock Levelers
  • Air-Powered Dock Levelers
  • Vertical Dock Levelers
  • Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Crucial for clear visibility and safety, proper dock lighting and communications systems help workers easily navigate trucks, especially during evening hours. LED, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting options are available. Dock light products we offer include the following:

  • LED Dock Lights
  • LED Strip Lights
  • High Bay Lights
  • Motion-Activated Lights
  • Warning Lights
  • Exterior Area Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting

Responsible for keeping a truck or other vehicle secure during loading and unloading; vehicle restraints prevent the separation of the truck from the loading dock. If a truck pulls away from the dock, workers can be injured, and goods and equipment can be damaged. Restraints are especially important when forklifts and other large equipment are involved in the loading and unloading process. Choose between mechanical, hydraulic, or electric wheel restraints, trailer restraints, or vehicle restraints with communication systems and automatic wheel chocking.

When choosing what loading dock equipment to use at your facility, consider your specific business needs. What loading dock equipment is compatible with your existing garage door system? If you’re unsure, schedule a consultation with Henderson Garage Door Services! Additional considerations include your budget, product warranties, and desired safety features. Our team can answer all your questions and ensure your company is equipped with the best loading dock equipment on the market. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What brand of loading dock equipment do you recommend?

We highly recommend Multifab and McGuire, A Division of Systems, LLC, for all commercial and industrial loading dock equipment needs. McGuire is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, reliable dock equipment products proven to hold up under the most strenuous conditions. 

How do I maintain loading dock equipment?

Maintenance is essential to the efficient operation of loading dock products. Here are several tips to extend the life of your loading dock equipment:

– Visually inspect equipment for wear and tear
– Keep the equipment and dock area clean
– Lubricate moving parts routinely
– Address needed repairs right away
– Train employees on proper usage
– Check for misalignment in dock levelers
– Ensure dock lights are functioning properly
– Follow recommended load capacities

What training should I provide my employees to ensure the safe and proper use of loading dock equipment?

There are numerous training opportunities you can provide employees involving the safe and proper use of loading dock equipment. Training options include:

– Overview of equipment
– Safe Operating Procedures
– Load Capacities and Weight Limits
– Proper Truck Positioning
– Safety Features, Gear, and PPE
– Emergency Protocols and Reporting
– Dock and Truck Signaling and Communication

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